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Founded in 2004, the Pas de Dieux company primarily bases its research on the possibilities of corporeal movement and expression for drama. A major source of research is based in Corporeal Mime of Etienne Decroux, a discipline that isolates and articulates the different parts of the body by varying the intensities and the rhythms of movement and by playing with muscular tension and relaxation. In addition, we explore the “Organic Lineage” of Jerzy Grotowski that searches for inner impulses that gives life to the form of corporeal movements and voice. To integrate these training techniques, we play. Through improvisations, we cultivate the joy of discovering the limitless imagination.

We give workshops, work in artistic creations, and create improvisation events. In addition to our own workshops and training programs, we search the four corners of the globe to bring to you the hidden masters to share the secrets on art of the actor.  From Paris to Singapore, the Pas de Dieux Company aims for a theatre that can cut across borders, free of the limitations of the written language, and where the body speaks the true poetry.

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What is Corporeal Mime?

What is Corporeal Mime?

Created by Etienne Decroux, the technique allows the actor to become a creator.  It teaches the isolation of movements for different parts of the body, and incites an infinite possibility of compositions by: playing with dynamo-rhythm, exploring weight and counterweight, and transmitting a specific vocabulary that gives the possibility of a personal expressive identity of each actor/dancer.

What is Organic Lineage?

What is Organic Lineage

Developed by Jerzy Grotowski and other collaborators, he explores an organic study of the actor’s expression–the human behavior in his extra-daily state.  The corporeal movement searches it’s source from the interior–the impulses that flower immanently.  There are a series of exercices created to explore the fluidity of these impulses.