Won Kim, Dr.


My Story

Ph.D. in Aesthetics, Sciences, and Technologies of Arts, Paris 8 University

With Korean origins and American nationality, Won Kim discovered quite early the importance of intercultural research between Asian and Occidental cultures. Since 2002, after eight years in the corporate marketing, he has decided to dedicate his life to the learning of physical theatre with Thomas Leabhart and Leela Alaniz. He has played a dual role as actor and co-founder/producer of the company Pas de Dieux with Leela Alaniz. He has also assisted Leela in the development of her own method of actor/dancer training based on the influences of Etienne Decroux and Jerzy Grotowski, in the production of workshops and the development of the full-time training program, The Body’s Journey. In September 2014, he has earned his Ph.D. in Esthetics, Sciences, and Technologies of Arts with Summa Cum Laude at Paris 8 University. His dissertation is entitled, “Corporeal Mime Counterweights in the Contemporary World,” directed by Katia Légeret. He is also an assistant professor at Paris 8 University teaching courses related to mime and physical theatre.

The shows “Don Qui” and “Business is Business” created in France have been presented in festivals in over 10 countries. His current project, “Mim’provisation”, flirts with a kind of “battle” unique to the art of improvisation and contemporary mime. In parallel, he continues his research in the practice of dramatic movement with hidden masters throughout the world, mainly by inviting them to Paris to produce their workshops and conferences.


Workshops organized by company Pas de Dieux

Pas de Dieux:  Physical Training with Leela Alaniz including Corporeal Mime and the Organic Lineage.  The non-profit invites instructors for workshops including:  Corporeal Mime with Thomas Leabhart, Dance-Theatre with Moreno Bernardi, Psychophysical Theatre with Phillip Zarrilli, Puppet and Objects with Eric de Sarria (Company Philippe Genty), Noh Theatre with Tatsushige Udaka, vocal training with Mateo Belli, Body and Rhythms with Paul Mindy, Commedia dell’Arte with Lluis Graells.


Other Workshops

Other workshops include:  Lecoq and mime technique with company Mangano-Massip, voice with Gey Pin Ang, Corporeal Mime with Plateforme 88, contemporary dance with Sandra Martinez, and Danse-Theatre with Thierry Bae.


English 100%
French 100%
Spanish 90%
Portuguese 70%
Korean 70%