Body/Voice with Leela Alaniz

Workshop: Body/Voice – the embodiment of passions and thoughts

Starting from the principle that the voice is a vital phenomenon and that it does not occur only in the vocal cords, one realizes the importance of engaging the whole body and bodily vitality for the production of sound.

The spoken words, in turn, require intellectual attention, understanding the meaning of what is being said, as well as a connection with the imagination which must be constantly sparkling.

A third element must also be related to speech, the quality of emotions, which obviously are not separated from the body, on the contrary, they give shape, energy and body rhythms.

This workshop aims, through a series of exercises/investigations, to work on the relationship between the body and the voice, the multiple vocal qualities linked to the sensations, emotions and images produced by the imagination and therefore embodied/vocalized.

Practical course:

* Exercises derived from Grotowskian Organic Lineage techniques and developed by Leela Alaniz over the past 25 years of research and practice.

           – Opening of energy flow
           – Rooting and energetic expansion
           – Vital resonators

* Embodiment of the six fundamental passions: wonder, love, hate, desire, joy and sadness

* Articulation and vocal projection

* ‘Body voice’

* ‘Soul voice’

* ‘Thoughts voice’

* Improvisations

* Composition

June 24 and 25, 2023

Saturday 24th – 2pm to 7pm and

Sunday 25th – 10:30 am to 4:30pm
(1 hour break for lunch)
12-hour lesson

Fee: 100 euros


Location:au Théâtre de la Terre
1 Passage du Buisson Saint-Louis
M : Belleville ou Goncourt 

Applications are open !

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Leela Alaniz Resume:

Leela Alaniz, Brazilian born actress, director, actor trainer and Artistic Director of Paris-based theatre company Pas de Dieux. She has a Ph.D. in Theatre Practice and Research from Sorbonne Nouvelle University – Paris III. Leela is full time teacher at the Faculty of Performing Arts, School of Dance & Theatre, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore.

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