Crazy Clown summer 2024

We are thrilled to announce an amazing summer camp week with Lluis Graells and Projecte Longànime company, who will present a workshop: “The Crazy Clown”.



Castell del Paborde, Catalonia, Spain
August 5 to 9, 2024

From Monday to Sunday
9am to 1pm and from 4pm to 8pm

Target Audience: Professional and Student Actors
Total: 40 hours
Price: 450 € for workshop only
Accommodation: 40 €/day per person
Total Price for workshop + accommodation: 650 €

Organized by company Projecte Longànime

Please send your CV by email: won.pdd(at)

Application Form


The Workshop

This workshop focuses on the play dynamics of clowns and the creation of a fantastic universe using classic exercises and physical dynamics.
The pedagogical and creative process is based on the physical work and improvisation techniques of Projecte Longànime, aimed at discovering the fantastic universe and the authenticity of the character.

Workshop Features:

  • The clown alone as a total disaster
  • The deception
  • The clown as a mask
  • Clothing and attributes
  • The musical universe
  • Kaleidoscope of the character in group: Clown, Auguste, Eccentric, Monsieur Loyal, clochard, cabaret…

Throughout the course, there will be small public presentations in various spaces in the village of La Selva del Camp to practice connecting with the audience.

This intensive course consists of 40 hours of work aimed at professionals, with 8 hours of daily work from 9am to 1pm and from 4pm to 8pm.

More info about Lluis Graells


About Project Longànime

Our approach is as follows: In search of a theater that respects traditional forms, Projecte Longànime focuses on the performer and the representative act, considering the spectator as the origin and destination of our work. Our aim is simple: to deliver direct, intimate theater that is adaptable to any space, surprising, and comical.

The company is composed of Elisabeth Castells, Berta Graells, Lluís Graells, and Carlos Ulloa. The members combine their artistic work with theatrical teaching in the Catalan and European scenes, specializing in the world of gesture and mask.


Workshop Location: Castell de la Selva



Accommodation: Hotel de La Trampa

Hotel de La Trampa is a typical manor house where you can rest during the course week. The house has eight rooms, each equipped with a TV, bathroom, and Wi-Fi Internet connection.

There is space for 26 people. You will have access to a pool and a kitchen where you can prepare your own lunches and dinners during the week.

Located next to the Castle (a three-minute walk away). The price of the room will be calculated separately.



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