Lluis Graells summer 2024

We are very happy to announce an amazing summer camp week with Lluis Graells who will give a workshop: The Interpreter and the mask in comedy : 



Castell del Paborde, Catalonia, Spain
July 29 to August 3, 2024

From Monday to Sunday
9am to 1pm and from 4pm to 8pm

Target Audience: Professional and Student Actors
Total: 48 hours
Price: 560 € for workshop only
Accommodation: 40 €/day per person
Total Price for workshop + accommodation: 800 €

Organized by company Projecte Longànime

Please send your CV by email: won.pdd(at)gmail.com


Application Form


The Body and the Masked Character of Commedia dell’Arte

This workshop focuses on interpreting the characters of Commedia dell’Arte through mask techniques, audience connection, and improvisation with fellow actors. Lluis Graells offers a unique corporeal approach to his teaching method.

Participants will engage in an immersive week that mirrors the conception and improvisation processes used by Projecte Longànime in their productions. The aim is to equip participants with artistic tools for interpreting masked characters within both comic and tragic contexts, fostering the collaborative creation of improvised comedy.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Construction of Masks: Participants will create their own sets of masks using cardboard, facilitating a quick and effective understanding of character personalization.
  • Technical Mask Work
  • Character and Movement
  • The Fourth Wall and Audience Connection
  • Improvisation and Mask Performance: Guidelines, patterns, and rhythms

Join us for a transformative week of theatrical exploration and creativity.

masks by Alfred Casas

More info about Lluis Graells


Workshop Location: Castell de la Selva



Accommodation: Hotel de La Trampa

Hotel de La Trampa is a charming manor house where you can rest during the course week. The house has eight rooms, each equipped with a TV, bathroom, and Wi-Fi Internet connection.

With space for 26 people, guests will have access to a pool and a kitchen where they can prepare their own lunches and dinners.
Located just a three-minute walk from the Castle, room prices will be calculated separately.



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