The Body’s Journey 2009-10-sem1

The company Pas de Dieux, co-directed by Leela Alaniz and Won Kim, proposes a year of revitalizing creativity through the rediscovery of the body as a path of research and creation. In addition to the various technical workshops proposed throughout the year, the program also proposes theoretical reflection concerning the attitudes of the actor/dancer immersed in his work, therefore opening the possibility to create with the body, spirit and sentiments as a part of a continual work of self-discovery.

Throughout the 2009-10 year, the company Pas de Dieux will invite renowned artists engaged in the corporeal research for the actor/dancer:


Corporeal Mime

Physical training for actors/dancers

The work developed with rigor by Leela Alaniz responds to the understanding of one’s self by listening to the impulses, by the abandonment of stereotypical attitudes and systems, by the exploration of new ways of the body, by the discovery and respect for the inherent organicity of this body. These elements are also present in the arts of the acrobatics, music, puppetry, as well as other performing arts.

September 21 to October 16, 2009

9h30 -13h monday to friday
70h / 360€
Studio Philippe Genty, Paris 11ème

Eric de Sarria

The actor’s play and manipulation of marionettes and objects


*Manipulation (working on fixed points, impulses and different movement qualities, working on axis, stops, and looking).
*Conviction (play of the manipulator)
*Dissociation and distancing (to be, at the same time, inside and outside of the action / to be in the present and in the memory)
*Impulses of departing and/or arriving (the qualities of movement)

– Orientation : the axis and “satellizing”
– Fixed point (linking fixed points)
– Focal points (involving looking and the opening to the public)
– Ruptures (rhythms, speeds, suspensions, and stops)

This work is conducted thanks to the “Albert” the table puppet for 3 handlers, and thanks to the “Soledad » and her sisters, puppets of the Bunraku genre. All of these puppets belong to the Company Philippe Genty. While the research is in the spirit of the work of the Company Philippe Genty, it encourages the “pupils” discovery of his or own artistic expressions.

Support materials for this research involve: kraft

October 19 to 30, 2009

9h30 -13h monday to friday
35h / 180€
Studio Philippe Genty, Paris 11ème

Paul Mindy

Body and Percussion – Instrument and Instrumentalist
with Leela Alaniz and Paul Mindy

The musical rhythm work of Paul Mindy integrated with the Physical training of the actor/dancer directed by Leela Alaniz.

*Exercises of rhythm, harmony, and cadence;
*Exercises in music theory;
*Percussions with the body and with different objects

November 2 to 13, 2009

9h30 -13h monday to friday
35h / 180€
Studio Philippe Genty, Paris 11ème

Pierrik Malebranche

Materials and Objects as the actor’s partner

*Discover and apprehend the dynamics of materials
*Scenic play and the relations with one or more objects
* The manipulation solo or with others

November 16 to 20, 2009

10h30 -13h30 monday to friday
15h / 100€
Studio Philippe Genty, Paris 11ème

Thomas Leabhart

Corporeal Mime– Technique Etienne Decroux

* “Back Exercices”
* Corporeal Mime Technique: Scales, Counterweights, Dynamo-Rhythm, Figures of Style, Walks
* Improvisations
* New Creations

January 4 10 8, 2009

9h-17h monday to friday
35h / 280€
Studio Philippe Genty, Paris 11ème