The World is Round

A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose….

Gertrude Stein

reveals fresh new perspective on the Steinien langage.

Díario Oficial de Porto Alegre

A labyrinth of images... poetic... various intensities of corporeal movement...not to be missed!

O Estado, Porto Alegre

Written from the perspective of a nine year-old girl, “The World is Round” explores the complex interplay of the language of Gertrude Stein with an infantile vocabulary. The aesthetic is a cubistic diction playing with fractured morsels of babbled words and images expressing a turbulent imagination. In search of her own identity, Rose discovers a magical and infernal circle of the world. “A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose….”

The labyrinth of images created by Stein compliments the poetics of movement of corporeal mime. The play creates a dialogue between the real and the imaginary, the internal and external worlds, through variations of simple elements. As both the sculptor and the sculpture, the play exposes this paradox of reality.


Genres: Physical Theatre, Mime, Dance

Public: general admission, ages 7+

Duration of show: 40 minutes

Direction and choreography: Leela Alaniz

Production: Won Kim


Univerisity of Paris 8

University of Paris 3


Théâtre du Lierre “Matières à Conversation”, Paris
(Excerpt of “The Washer Woman” – E. Decroux)
July 2005

Instituto Cultural Arte Clara, Rio de Janeiro
June 2005

Teatro Ulbro, Florianopolis, Brazil
June 2005

Sala Alvaro Moreyra, Porto Alegre, Brazil
May 2005

TEPA, Porto Alegre, Brazil
February 2005

Pomona College, California
January 2005

San Sebastian, Spain
October 2004

Official Selection, Pinokkio Prize, France
Studio Philippe Genty, Paris
June 2004